These guides make small groups for men less awkward.



I’ve gone to church a long time and inevitably am asked to join a small group. I’ve tried them. They’re awkward. There’s always a moment where I’m supposed to fill in the blank of a study guide like a third grader, or tell someone I met five minutes ago about my father wounds. That’s why I created this these disussion guides.

Here’s how it works...
1.Find guys to hang with
2.Choose a guide below
(for best results, each guy should also have a copy of WE STOOD UPON STARS)

These guides are designed for church men’s groups but could be used for other groups as well. Each guide has the same reading, questions, and discussion content. Bonus material for each guide has been provided by industry experts to offer additional education and trivia about either coffee, tacos, or beer. For example, the taco guide will include information about the differences between various taco meats (Carne Asada, Carnitas, etc.)

The only difference between each guide is the added bonus material. So the coffee guide will include all the reading and discussion material, plus have additional information about coffee. The taco guide will have the same reading and discussion material, but have additional information about tacos. And so forth.

The beer guide may not be appropriate for anyone who’s struggled with alcohol addiction. In that case, the coffee and taco guide would be the ones to choose.

There are detailed instructions for whoever is leading the men’s group.

Choose which guide will best fit the tastes of your group and get started!


This pairing is perfect for those early morning groups, where no one can answer a question intelligibly until a first drink. You’ll learn more about the origins and complexities of our favorite morning beverage while also being guided through important topics from Roger’s latest book.

Coming Soon


Are you stuck in a carne asada rut? Are you afraid to order anything else because it might be cow tongue? This delicious pairing will give you serious taco-shack confidence as it educates on various taco meats while also guiding through important topics from Roger’s latest book.

Coming Soon


Ever wonder where IPA’s got their start? Or which beer is best while driving a lawnmower? This pairing will answer those questions (and more!) while guiding through meaningful discussion topics from Roger’s latest book.


Beer + We Stood Upon Stars

There’s something about the crack of a can, or the tink of bottles that accompany a “cheers!” This is how great conversations get started, and perhaps, great friendships as well. Enjoy this discussion guide and the bonus beer material from award winning brewer, Gary Humble.
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Here's what others are saying...

Nothing is harder for church leaders than finding small group material guys actually like. Roger's guides connects with real guys, and then helps them connect with each other. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!
Mark Riggins
Pastor, Encounter

After only a couple sessions, guys felt like they knew each other for years. By far the simplest and most effective group discussion guide I’ve used.
Jesse Giglio
Pastor, Nueu Ventura

Roger’s group guides are the perfect way to get guys hanging out who may not otherwise ever get to know each other. It’s a great tool for churches or other men’s groups.

Clint Garman
owner of Garman’s Pub and host of the annual Naci Men’s Getaway