A Conversation with Roger Thompson

What if we’re not measured by the breadth of our accomplishments, but by the depth of our relationships? What we get done is pocket-change compared to who we do it with. Through authentic storytelling, author of We Stood Upon Stars, Roger Thompson, explains how to succeed in the relationships that define a man.


1. Watch video.
2. Use embedded questions for Small Group discussion.
2a. If you’re watching alone or with a friend (or friends), and want to go deeper,
work through the discuss questions provided in each part.

Note: Though you could certainly watch these alone, you’ll get more out of it if you watch the videos
then get together with some friends over tacos or coffee or beer to discuss.


Join Roger for good coffee and good relationship advice about what women really, actually want. Hint: You can’t rush it, and it’s simpler than you think.

Q:  What is something your spouse or significant other does that drives you crazy?

Q:  What is the most romantic memory you have with your spouse or significant other?

Q:  What are three things you can do to kindle (or re-kindle) that romance?


Roger finds relationship advice in an old truck that reminds him of his dad, God, and what men forget to do when something’s broken.

Q:  In what ways are you similar to your father and which ways are you different??

Q:  Is there an admirable trait about your father that you feel like you don’t live up to?  How have you processed that?

Q:  Is there anything you wished were different in your relationship with your father?  If your father is no longer around, is there anything about your relationship with him that you need to let go?


Roger drops by a local skate park built by a hero to figure out what it takes to become a man any kid will look up to.

Q: What is your best parent or mentor fail moment? (Or, if you don’t have any kids in your life, what’s the best one you’ve seen?)

Q: Have you been able to “put in the time” with the kid relationships in your life (kids, nieces, nephews, students, or those you mentor)? If not, what keeps you from that?

Q: What is something cool you could do with the kid(s) in your life in the next few weeks?


Roger finds a local fishing hole, gets brutally honest about why women love small groups, and remembers the campfire that found him a friend.

Q: Has your spouse or significant other ever tried to set you up with a new friend? How’d that go?

Q: Do you have a friend like Chuck in your life? Someone who is reliably there for you but also able to call you out in different areas of your life?

Q: Have you fallen into the societal trap of defining yourself by what you do? Who are the relationships in your life that best define who you are, and how are you doing with those relationships?


A special thanks goes to Life Church for having me out, producing these videos, and making them available to anyone for free. 

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