Meet Rog

Roger W. Thompson

Roger is a husband, father, and acclaimed author seeking to write good stories while trying to live an even better one. When not working, he can be found fly-fishing, building furniture and surfing with his sons near the coastal town of Ventura California where he lives with his wife, two young sons, one Australian Shepherd, and seven productive chickens.

My oldest son wants to be a professional surfer. My youngest wants to be a professional skateboarder. Or basketball player. Whichever one pays more. They are young enough to believe in a magic that says all things are possible. We encourage this belief. We tell them they can climb the mountain peak of their dreams. It just takes the courage to do it.

I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember. But time is not an ally. Life has worn. Risk and fear and consequence show through cracks in the magic. I’ve chosen safer routes to smaller peaks.

I’m older now and the magic still calls. It comes in a still, small voice, asking, Will you trust? Will you follow me? There is still the risk and the fear. But a longer lens of time allows me to see a truer consequence. I’m being watched. My boys will one day wonder if the magic is real. They’ll wonder if they should seek the mountaintop. Or avoid the danger and live in a flat world.

So this is me. Following the Voice. Writing. Reaching for courage. Hoping you will reach with me.


When not writing or leading an adventure,
these are the projects Roger is working on.



IKONDO, an upscale hosting facility nestled in the mountains above Grand Goave Haiti, is a job-creation, mission-tourism initiative powered by the Hands and Feet Project. IKONDO, poised to change the way the Church approaches Missions in Haiti, hosts traditional missional experiences while providing more upscale hospitality and touristic excursions. It’s our hope that we not only create jobs through mission-tourism, but a more dignified and equitable exchange between our passionate guests and our Haitian hosts.



Walking on Water Films has produced over 12 inspirational surf movies, including WALKING ON WATER, BEYOND SIGHT, HEART OF A SOUL SURVER, and most recent, SURF COWBOYS.

Roger has collaborated as a writer and producer for several Walking on Water movies and together are in pre-production for the next film.



The Bindery is a full-service literary agency that works closely with authors to shape their book ideas, polish the content, and guide through the publishing process.

For a very select few, Roger provides author coaching and helps potential authors publish their work. If you have an extraordinary book concept and platform, and are interested in publication, leave Roger a note here.




When it first opened, Skate Street was the largest indoor skatepark in the world. It won numerous awards and was featured in in international media outlets as well as on the popular TV show Jackass and the wildly successful Tony Hawk 2 video game.

Roger was a co-founder with his best friend, Tim Garrety, until Tim’s untimely death and the closing of the legendary skatepark in 2005. Much of this history is preserved in Roger’s first book, MY BEST FRIEND’S FUNERAL.



Founded by Music Artist Michael W. Smith, Rocketown is a faith based youth outreach facility in the heart of downtown Nashville. They provide holistic programs and services that nurture mind, body, and spirit. Their facilities include a skatepark, live music venue, coffee shop, and numerous afterschool enrichment programs.

Roger oversaw the design and construction of the original downtown Nashville location and served as the Executive Director from it’s opening until 2005.

In addition to these projects, Roger has designed retail stores, youth camps, and coffee shops – and has collaborated in the film, book publishing, and fashion design industries. If you have an interesting project that would benefit from Roger’s collaboration, or would like him develop experiential designs or narrative content, get in touch with him here…

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